Deposit Safes

Suitable for bars, nightclubs, petrol stations and shops—where there is constant movement of personnel responsible for storing cash. Certified in grade II. according to EN 1143-2.

Deposit Neutron Star (DNS)

Deposit safes are used where it is appropriate to separate access to the main part of the vault where the deposits are stored. These are accessed through a receiving unit which may or may not be lockable. Our deposit safes have a drawer which, when fully closed, will dump its contents into the main part of the safe from where they cannot be retrieved.

  • Double-walled security drop safes made of 3mm and 1.5mm steel.
  • Receiving unit without and with locking option.
  • Certified key lock and three-way release mechanism.
  • Intermediate walls are filled with fire-resistant mineral wool.
  • Durable structural paint protects the surface of the safes against damage. RAL 7035 grey as standard, but available in any colour on request.
  • The larger models can be fitted with pull-out shelves, internal lockable boxes and a wide range of other accessories.