Free-Standing Safes

Secure storage of valuables and important documents. Suitable for use in offices, stores or homes. Certified according to EN 1143-1 in grades II. and III.

Neutron Star (NS)

A proven and continuously innovated—for nearly 30 years—”Neutron Star” series of safes. The traditional design has changed very little and therefore even today no one from the outside can tell which security class it is. This is also a detail that has its merits.

The overall design of the safe is based on the conditions of manufacture, which have not changed much since the beginning. Unlike our competitors, we have not gone the way of concrete. Nor did we want to. We wanted to find a way to achieve at least the same security, but with less weight of the whole structure, which increases the price of the safe only when handling it (even the standard says—safes up to 1,000 kg must always be anchored). We found it! The unique sandwich composition of the fillings is folded and joined to withstand maximum time in case of an attack using different tools. Each individual layer has its place and reason for being there, and we are constantly evolving the mechanisms to make them better and better.

Outer hinges are not evil—outer hinges are the mark of mature safes. Cutting them off doesn’t do you any good—prying the door open is prevented by another ingenious locking mechanism. Also, thanks to the outer hinges, you are able to open the safe up to 200°, so you won’t be breaking your hands into the safe and you can get and see just about anywhere.

The anchoring system and its design meets the strict requirements of the European Standard, which must be able to withstand a load of 5 tonnes. But that’s not enough for us—we put 2 anchor grommets straight into the standard.

We put a shelf in even the smallest safe, and all Neutron Star safes have variable placement within the internal height—so if something doesn’t fit in your safe, simply move the shelf higher or lower, or simply remove it.

The entire safe is painted with a structural paint. We do not use powder paint and there are reasons for this. The surface is smooth, so you definitely won’t tear your ladies’ sweaters on our safes. And if someone does happen to scratch it—it can be easily repaired and the paint will stay on.

The variability of the design is something that makes us able to offer customized safe-making. Dimensions are of course within the limit of certification, but the internal configuration can be really varied—from internal boxes, pull-out frame shelves, plates with hooks for storing keys to various holders for weapons and other equipment.

Locks are then a category in themselves—we can offer extra options here too. Choose from 3 basic types of locks? Not enough for you? No problem, we can combine and link locks to create secure yet backed up solutions.

If you have an alarm system on your premises, we can prepare the safe to become part of the overall protection—covertly.