Discharging device—ZH 14

750  (ex. VAT)

Dimensions in typical set-up:
Width: 40 cm.
Height: 67 cm.
Depth: 70 cm.
Standard colour: RAL 7016. (Other colours possible.)
Weight: 14 kg.


The discharge device is a certified, portable, ballistic device used to increase safety when handling firearms. The device is capable of safely absorbing an “accidental” discharge from all common short and long firearms.

The function of the device is guaranteed by following the procedure for checking, loading and unloading the firearm, using only civilian CIP ammunition up to a power of 4600 J.

The device incorporates a simple silencer, and the noise of the shot is reduced to an acceptable level when an “accidental” shot is fired. 

This device fully complies with the provisions of Article 39(1)(d-3) of Act 119/2002 Coll. for the safe loading and unloading of the weapon.

The device is not intended for shooting or testing weapons, but is used solely for the purpose of safe loading and unloading of weapons. The use of this discharging device is recommended wherever there is an increased risk of damage caused by improper handling of a firearm.

It serves its purpose particularly in security agencies, municipal police stations, schools where students handle firearms, gunsmith shops, gun and ammunition stores, etc.

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