Transfer drawer—KFC 49

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It is used for contactless transfer of objects over a wall or other obstacle. It is mainly used for handing over cash or documents between the collection service and the cashier’s operation, in official areas for handing over larger items and wherever access of foreign persons to the protected area is not desirable.

From the operator’s side, the transfer drawer is equipped with a plexiglas screen for visual inspection of the object being transferred and a locking metal spike. If necessary, this can be released by a simple movement so that the drawer can be moved outwards. The spike allows the drawer to be locked automatically when closed. The operator moves the drawer with the stainless steel handle. There are no controls on the outside.

The bottom of the drawer is fitted with a stainless steel liner so that it does not wear out.

Internal drawer volume: 49 litres.
Weight: 50 kg.
Colour: RAL 9005 (black).
Width of construction hole in the wall: 65 cm.
Height of construction hole in the wall: 37,5 cm.
For walls of depth: 18 cm.
The device can be installed by an experienced technician in a prepared construction hole within 60-90 minutes.

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