WeSA 6 Mini

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Safe storage of weapons and ammunition according to the law.

Width: 45 cm (inner—44,4 cm).
Height: 148 cm (inner—147,4 cm).
Depth: 33 cm (inner—24 cm).
Number of gun holders: 6.
Weight: 85 kg.

Description of WeSA 6 Mini safes

The safe meets the requirements for the storage of up to ten weapons and ammunition according to Government Regulation No. 217 of 10 July 2017 on requirements for the security of weapons, ammunition, black hunting powder, smokeless powder and matches and on ammunition storage.

The single-walled construction of the safe is made of high-quality 3 mm thick profiled steel sheet.

A single anchor hole (12 mm diameter) in the rear wall secures the cabinet against tipping and prevents easy theft.

The double-walled doors are equipped with a certified lock according to the customer’s requirements and at least in class A according to the European standard EN 1300. The lock is blocked by a three-way opening mechanism, which is operated by a hinged plastic handle.

When locked, the door is secured by five 20mm diameter deep chrome plated steel pins locking into three directions. On the hinge side, they are secured by a strong, full-height steel profile. Thus, even cutting off the hinges does not lead to the door opening.

The door is sealed to the body via a foam seal, which softly dampens the sound of the door closing.

External hinges on the right side allow the safe door to be opened up to an angle of 200 degrees.

If necessary, the open door can be ejected to reduce the weight of the safe, for example for moving.

A certified key lock (with two original keys) locks the three-way release mechanism, which is operated by a tilt handle.

The release mechanism is equipped with a safety lock against brute force attack on the handle.

Fixed foam holder for 6 weapons.

On the inside of the door is a manufacturing label with product identification.

The safe is painted in grey-white RAL 7035 with a structural surface.

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