STD 400

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A key safe for large buildings (hospitals, business parks, etc.) where access to individual offices, warehouses, cars needs to be secured and facilitated. The reason for the purchase may also be a requirement in the evacuation plan.

Width: 50 cm.
Height: 80 cm.
Depth: 50 cm.
Number of hooks: 400.
Weight: 120 kg.

Description of STD 400

A proven and continuously innovated for nearly 30 years series of safes. The traditional design has changed very little and therefore even today no one from the outside can tell what security class it is. This is also a detail that has its merits.

The double-walled construction of the safe is made of high-quality 3 and 1.5 mm thick profiled steel sheet. The intermediate walls of the safe are filled with certified fire-resistant material (according to European standard EN 13501-1 in class “A1”), which helps to protect the stored objects against fire.

As standard, two anchor holes (14 mm diameter) in the floor secure the safe against overturning and prevent easy theft. They are positioned diagonally in case there is infrastructure running underneath one of them in the floor. The design of the anchor grommets guarantees a minimum pull-out strength of 5 tonnes per opening.

The bi-fold doors are fitted with a certified lock according to the customer’s requirements and at least in class A according to the European standard EN 1300. The lock is locked by a three-way opening mechanism, which is operated by an ergonomic handle made of metal alloy.

When locked, the door is secured by five 20mm diameter, deep chrome plated steel pins locking in three directions. These are fixed so that they can rotate on their axis, giving them freedom to swivel when in contact with the cutting tool. They are secured on the hinge side by a strong, full-height steel profile. Thus, even cutting the hinges does not lead to their opening.

The door is sealed to the body via a foam seal, which softly dampens the sound of the door closing.

The outer hinges allow the vault door to be opened up to an angle of 200 degrees.

If necessary, the open door can be removed to reduce the weight of the safe, e.g. when moving.

The deeply seated lock is blocked by a three-way release mechanism, which is also equipped with a safety device in case the lock is attacked by bouncing.

The basically certified key lock with two original keys can be supplemented or replaced by combination locks, mechanical or electronic. These can have advanced features such as time delay, sound mute or four eye system settings (two codes must be entered to unlock the lock). The batteries are hidden in the keypad on the outside of the door for easy replacement.

The opening mechanism is equipped with a safety guard against brute force attack on the handle.

The safe is equipped with four full-extension frames, on both sides of which are mounted height-adjustable hook bars (vertical spacing of holes is 14 mm). The horizontal spacing of the hooks is 29 mm. The hook length is 19,5 mm. For ease of orientation, the hooks are numbered in different background colour combinations.

On the inside of the door there is a manufacturing label with product identification.

The safe can be painted in 4 basic shades: anthracite (RAL 7016), grey-white (RAL 7035), black (RAL 9005) or white (RAL 9003). All of them have a structural finish.

The above price is for the standard version. Below you can customize the safe according to your requirements and the total price will be displayed under the Configurator.


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