A safe in the wild—gun safe in a car

A customer contacted me asking if we really manufacture safes and are not just a dealer. His wish was for a gun safe for his car. We already have previous experience in manufacturing gun safes and car safes.

We arranged a meeting where the customer outlined his precise idea about where to place the safe. All that was left to us was the design and manufacturing of the safe. We had to incorporate a number of conditions into the project. The safety of the stored items (in this case two long guns) had to be maintained, but also the safety of the crew. Maximum space had to be used while allowing easy manipulation with the safe. Furthermore, the safe had to be easy to assemble or disassemble. And the reel also needed to be able to be mounted on it.

The first point of design is always a thorough measurement

Unfortunately, the customer’s car was undergoing a long-term conversion at another company at the time and we didn’t want to waste any time. I searched for a while, and finally found a suitable model at a Prague dealership. I contacted it with an explanation of the situation and I must admit that I didn’t expect so much understanding. Within a few days the car was loaned to me and I took it to our workshop, where we immediately started measuring. I would like to once again thank the representatives of AutoPalace Spořilov for their professional and helpful approach.

The car was loaned to us for 24 hours, so we had to act very quickly. In just a few hours we had a handmade 3D model from our woodwork shop.

Work on the prototype model

We could start working on the prototype sample, which we had ready in a few days. The customer came to us with hunting guns complete with holsters. We modified the prototype according to his comments and continued to work on it.

The safe has been completed and installed

We finished the vault a few days ago. The safe was shown to the customer, we explained how to use it and it was installed within 30 minutes. Another satisfied customer of Charvát spol. s r.o.

We look forward to our next challenges!